The Igloo Adventure – The Outcome

Hi guys,

It took a little longer than planned, but we’re finally able to present you the outcome of our Igloo Adventure. We had a blast organizing it and we’re super grateful for all the support we got from you guys. Hope Into Humanity is doing a great job getting people excited for The Water Cause, and people from all around the globe are making efforts to raise money. All the little bits help and together we’ll be able to raise 20.000 dollars to provide 1.000 people with clean drinking water.

Me (Tim) and David (vocalist for John Coffey) slept in an igloo for one night, and raised: $209,61! Like we said, we made a small effort and together with you guys we’re able to offer Hope Into Humanity 1% of their targeted 20,000 dollars.

Changing the world comes in small things. Do your part and see what you can do in 2012 to change the world. If you still want to contribute to The Water Cause you can still donate through the Hope Into Humanity website – here.

Thanks again to everyone that contributed to our fundraiser event and donated! This week we’ll be posting our interview with Hundredth vocalist and founder of Hope Into Humanity, Chadwick Johnson, where you can read what will happen with the proceeds of The Water Cause.


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