Singer Ajay Jones Quits Brutality Will Prevail


Singer of the hardcore band Brutality Will Prevail, Ajay Jones has announced that he is no long part of the band.

He brought out the following statement through their Tumblr account:

“Before the rumours start, I want to nip it in the bud so there are no questions later;

I am no longer a part of Brutality Will Prevail.

When I put this band together, it was never meant to be a full time band and something to try make a living from. For me, we were always a hardcore band, working hard and doing everything on our terms to open opportunities, we’ve been able to travel, enjoyed a lot of support and I feel we’ve had a lot to be grateful for.

This was never meant to be a job, it was just 5 friends having a laugh, and that was alright with me. I thought we did that well.

In recent months this has changed a lot, mistakes have been made and things changed from being 5 friends in a hardcore band having some fun, to becoming a money making scam and exploiting the kind support we’ve received to date as a stepping stone to “bigger” things.

The opportunity to travel is always cool, but I am not comfortable with using the hardcore scene, and use the band for a holiday. for me i care about the band to much to just abuse it, i have a good life in South Wales/job/house.Why would i give that up, go back on every thing iv said and sang about just to be a”rockstar”for 5minites.

I really thought i had 4 good friends, but time has shown that we are not the friends I thought we were.

So there it is, if you see the farse that now is BWP in 2013 it will be with out me, and I wash my hands of it.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me during my time in the band, it is much appreciated more than I can ever say,Ill still be doing purgatory records, and hope to see you all soon with some new projects.”

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