Legends Arising is a hardcore community based on a simple idea: to create a place where people can find and share inspiring music. Whether you are into old-school hardcore or modern metalcore; we believe that passion and a strong message can be found in all the different varieties this music knows. The Do-It-Yourself-ethics upon which this scene was built, have always been played a crucial part in our lives and are something we treasure very deeply. Hard work gets rewarded and you can be the change you want to see.

The retired ones in Have Heart, the old-timers in Terror and Comeback Kid that are still going strong and the young ones in While She Sleeps are all “legends” that inspire us to do something we love, and to fight for what we stand for. This community is dedicated to those hard working bands out there and the great teams of people that stand behind them.

Legends Arising is a platform where we write about music and things we love while supporting this wonderful form of music. If you think your band, company or opinion fits within this community, send us a message. We are always looking for motivated people to play a part on this website.


Tim van Reyswoud
Ruben Middelweerd
Niels Koster


Dasha Veselovskoya – photographer
Anne Carolien Köhler – photographer
Niels Davidse – photographer
Alex Tabankia – writer
Laurens Kleine – writer
Gijs Duyzer – writer
Richard Bos – writer
Patrick Batenburg – writer