Review: Breaking Point – Set To Burn

Review: Breaking Point – Set To Burn

Breaking Point’s first LP has been a long time coming, two lengthy years since the ferocious five piece set loose Life Sentence they’re back to cement themselves as one the biggest and baddest underdogs in UKHC. After parting from DIY label Purgatory Records, Carry The Weight Records have stepped up to the plate and helped … Continue reading

Album of The Month

Album of the Month: Brutality Will Prevail – Scatter the Ashes

Hardcore lives in South-Wales, at least if we are to believe Brutality Will Prevail, who are releasing their third full-length Scatter the Ashes on November 12th through Purgatory Records.  Where their previous full-length Root of All Evil was still a straight-up hardcore album, their new release features more musical variation. Album opener ‘Life Lines’ sounds … Continue reading