Review: Breaking Point – Set To Burn

Breaking Point

Breaking Point’s first LP has been a long time coming, two lengthy years since the ferocious five piece set loose Life Sentence they’re back to cement themselves as one the biggest and baddest underdogs in UKHC. After parting from DIY label Purgatory Records, Carry The Weight Records have stepped up to the plate and helped unleash Breaking Point’s first full length release, Set To Burn.

Coarse, harsh guitars take precedence from the start, accompanied by some menacingly thick vocals, ‘Eternal Pledge’ makes for a monstrous opener. After teaming up with welsh metal heads Brutality Will Prevail it’s almost surprising to hear vocalist Louis Gautier tearing the mic apart with Breaking Point once again, but without a doubt it’s a welcome return. ‘Power’s opening riff rolls in like a juggernaut, hurdling between grooves and mammoth breakdowns, demonstrating to a tee the diversity to be found on this record. Vocally Set To Burn is varied and forceful. The haunting whispers found on ‘War’ and ‘Evil Minds’ linger ominously while rapid fire shouts on ‘War’ and ‘My Oath’ keep the blood ruthlessly pumping through the heart of Set To Burn.

It makes a change to hear Andrew Fisher shredding in the underbelly of hardcore once again, taking a firm step away from his renowned post-hardcore outfit Basement. Having said that, there are the occasional echoes of Basement’s soft grunge sound to be found on this record, ‘Evil Minds’ – my highlight of the album, being one of them. Gautier pulls out some unforgettable clean vocals complemented by an overarching basement-like guitar melody, offering up a sound slightly reminiscent of a lighter Life of Agony.

Breaking Point may have become a slight side project for some of its more seasoned members; however this album sounds far from rushed. Combining sludgy riffs with speed and ferocity, this record is a vicious onslaught from start to finish. Set To Burn delivers every ounce of raw, fierce aggression you’d expect from a Breaking Point record before adding a fresh tinge of maturity and precision to their already bone cracking sound.

I strongly recommend you grab a copy when Set To Burn hits shelves late this year, I know I will.

Track list – Set To Burn:

1. Eternal Pledge
2. Power
3. Nothing
4. Cold Snap
5. My Oath
6. War
7. Judgement Pt. II
8. Purge The Weak
9. Evil Minds
10. Chaos BXP

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Written by Alfie Nobes

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