Review: War Charge – New World Justice

War Charge

War Charge is a Hardcore band from Scotland. They released a self-titled 7” in 2012 filled with hardcore jams and hard hitters. A year later they are releasing the New World Justice EP on Purgatory Records. So what do you get when a great hardcore band had a year to grow and comes with a new record on a label that already has a reputation of bringing out good music? Let’s find out right about now.

War Charge’s New World Justice starts with the title track, and the first few seconds already get you hooked. Hard riffs, chunky sounding drums, and mean vocals grab you by the throat. It’s amazing how much these guys have grown in only one year. It’s almost a different band to listen to, and the change and progress is out of this world. Straight in your face lyrics and a no-nonsense attitude is what this song and War Charge is all about. ‘Mind Maker’ starts off fast and the vocals are almost spat at you. The track slows down for a bit and gives vocalist Robbie King a chance to show what he can do with his vocals. It’s the perfect example of what they’ve gained in the past year. And it’s easily one of my favorite tracks from War Charge already.

‘Day & Age’ is about ignorance, and narrow minded kids. All that is wrong with the scene is being addressed in this song and they sure know how to put it! Combined with parts that will get your two step on, the new but still so familiar sound of War Charge and lines like “No tolerance for ignorance in this day and age” make this track the anthem for every kid who wants to see (parts of) the Hardcore scene change! Last track of this EP is ‘Repercussions’ and starts off nasty. Robbie jumps in after a few seconds with a voice that is just next level. This is a fast track of fury. The double bass in this song are banging and when Neal from Frustration kicks in you just want to break everything around you. It’s the perfect ending to the perfect EP.

In conclusion, this is as Hardcore as it gets. I can’t really say anything negative about this banger of an EP. The only thing I could say is that some tracks are quite short. I recommend this to every kid who likes Hardcore! It’s mean, it’s fast, it’s hard, it’s War Charge. If you liked the self-titled 7” you surely like this and will appreciate the next level stuff. This is definitely one of my favorite EP’s brought out in 2013 so far and I can’t wait to see what War Charge will bring to the table next time! Hoping to catch them on the Europe tour and so should you! Pick up the EP as well! For fans of Trial & Error, Frustration, Bays, Breaking Point, Splitcase, Feral Youth and Your Move.

Track list – New World Justice

1. New World Justice
2. Mind Maker
3. Day & Age
4. Repercussions

War Charge: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order New World Justice

Written by Nigel 

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