Interview: War Charge

War ChargeOur buddies in War Charge are currently touring mainland Europe and have just put out their 7″ New World Justice. As presenters of the tour it’s our duty to give you a little more insight on everything that’s going on around the band, and vocalist Robbie King was happy to answer our questions. Read them below and make sure to catch them on tour. Check all dates here.

First and foremost, what is your name, what do you do in War Charge and how did you guys start out?

“My name is Robbie, I sing. A friend got in contact saying they needed a vocalist and bassist as a few members had left recently, me and David came in 2 weeks before recording, learnt everything and recorded.”

Congratulations on your signing to Purgatory Records. Do you think anything will change for you as a band? And will it be a longtime commitment or a one release deal?

“We’ll see what happens but we’re really happy to be releasing this record through PR, it’s a label we’ve followed and loved every release.”

How did the signing come about? Did you approach Purgatory Records, or did they come to you?

“AJ that runs Purgatory mailed me on Facebook asking how the band was going and said he may be interested in releasing the new record once he’d heard it and luckily he liked it and decided to put it out for us.”

If you compare the new record with the previous one, how do you think that you’ve grown as a band? And do you still look back at your self-titled record positively?

“We’ve changed members for the better since the last record was released, we’ve progressed a lot as musicians and getting to 
know each other as a band. We’re really happy with how the new record came out as we’ve had a lot more input on the sound this time around but we still like the old 7″ and play a couple of old songs live.”

What was the main inspiration for the new record musically and concept wise?

“Lyrically each song has a particular message, mostly about ignorance and intolerance. The vulture on the cover of the new record symbolises the mentality of alot of people that we know that act as scavengers and represent the stereotypical nature
of a vulture.”

How did the whole writing and recording process go for this record? Have you been working on it since the 2012 release or was it a completely new project?

“‘Mind Maker’ we’ve been playing since the last time we were in Europe in April of 2012 but we decided to put it in the new 7″ after changing a few parts during the writing process for NWJ. We’d written a few new songs since the last record but weren’t completely happy with them. The rest of the 7″ was written between October 2012 and the end of the year. We recorded in early February.We then sent the track to Neal to do his guest vocals and had to wait a few months for mixes/mastering and figuring out vinyl pressing but we’re happy it’s finally up and everyone’s positive reactions so far.”

How did the guest vocals by Neal come about?

“We’re glad to say that we can call Frustration our friends, due to seeing them at shows and playing with them. I e-mailed Neal asking if he would be up for doing a few lines in ‘Repercussions’ and he said he was more than happy to. He wrote his own lyrics and they fit into the lyrical theme really well.”

You guys are hitting up mainland Europe in June; how is it to go back? What where the experiences from last time? Do you expect anything different this year?

“We’re so stoked to go back as last year was insane, we hope to see a few familiar faces. One thing we’ll all remember is how sick 
the show was in Paris with Cold World on a boat, they put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, also getting to play with No Turning Back, Risk It, Coldburn, Reflections, Bitter Verses and loads of other great bands. It’s gonna be a lot different as we will be with our mates Bleak Reality as opposed to being by ourselves last time. Hopefully kids have enjoyed the new tracks we’ve put online from New World Justice and they come out to a show. We’re going to try and spend more time exploring the cities we visit.”

What I really want to know as a Dutch kid, why aren’t you playing any shows in The Netherlands?

“Unfortunately we don’t know too many people in the Netherlands that could help us out with a show but we’ll definitely be over at some point.”

When you come back from this tour, some pre-orders will ship out that are dedicated to charity. Why you decided to do it now? Is it related to the new record or are there any recent developments that made you want to do this? Also, why did you choose to dedicate it to three different charities?

“We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a really long time and thought putting them up for pre-order around the same time as the record was released would be best.We chose 3 different charities as we thought it’d be a cool idea with each t-shirts profits going to a different charity, giving people the choice of who they wanted to donate money to. They’ve sold really well, we’re really happy with how it’s gone and I’m sure we’ll do something like this again.”

What can we expect from War Charge in the future? Will you be planning a world tour? Or are there any plans for a full length record?

“We’re probably going to start writing for a 12″ once we get back from Europe. We’re going to start trying to play shows as regularly as possible and hopefully do a few long weekenders in different countries.”

War ChargeFacebook / Bandcamp / Order New World Justice

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