Interview: Mind X Control

Mind x Control

Late June, the first video material appeared on the Internet of new Straight Edge UKHC band Mind X Control. It’s the new band of former Brutality Will Prevail vocalist Ajay Jones that’s been causing buzz and we were eager to talk to the guys. Check our conversation about the band’s upcoming release and future plans below.

First and foremost, what is your name, what do you do in Mind X Control and call you tell me how the band came together?

Ajay: “Sup my name is ajay, I sing and shout in the band. I basically have always wanted to do an Edge band, so I got in contact with Paul and Robby, who are currently in Forsaken, and used to be in a band with my mate Scott. I’ve known the boys for a few years, and I think we have all shared the dream of doing an Edge band, so after a few texts we got together and started jamming. We instantly jelled/enjoyed it and after a few practices we realised we needed a bass player. I’m sure Robby mentioned to get Kieron to play, I didn’t really know him to well at the time, but since he turned up to practice we have been very good mates since.”

Robby: “I’m Robby I play drums for Mind X Control, this band just sorta came together as friends who wanted to start a project and this is what we came together with.”

Kieran: “I’m Kieran and I play bass. I got suggested by Robby to join because I always mentioned about starting a Straight Edge band and It went from there.”

For people who are not yet aware of Mind X Control, how would you describe your band?

Ajay: “A Hardcore Punk band with four Straight Edge dudes who are on stage to have fun.”

Robby: “Our sound it’s pretty youth lockin’ out inspired Righteous Jams sorta vibe.”

Kieran: “I would describe Mind X Control as straight up Hardcore with a ton of groove.”

Mind X Control is quite different from previous work we’ve seen from you (Ajay), why did you chose to make this kind of Hardcore, and what bands influenced you the most?

Ajay: “Yeah it’s the completele opposite end of the scale. I’ve always been into this style of Hardcore, a lot of the early CCHC shows that went on in Wales always had more HC Punk bands play. I enjoyed them shows, so it was a no brainer. I’d say we have taken an influence from some 80’s American Hardcore Punk bands, such as Uniform Choice, Turning Point, Judge, Side by Side, Outburst, but then the whole “lockin’ out” Rebirth Mental, Jagaurz, Righteous Jams, Dumptruck, Justice, Lion of Judah, Lights Out. To me I think we have hit the nail on the head.”

You did a few shows, how are the first reactions from fans and other bands?

Ajay: “We have only played two shows so far, and the reaction at the shows, Internet, texts, phone calls have been amazing. I’ve had some emails from people that I really look up to, saying how much they like the band, and it’s opened up a lot of doors for us already, with shows and releases. Super happy, so thanks to everyone.”

Robby: “The reactions we’ve had so far have been mental, couldn’t ask for anything else.”

Kieran: “The reaction was incredible and very positive.”

There are rumors that there will be a release soon, is this true? If so what can you tell us about that?

Ajay: “Yeah, Robby has just layed down the drum tracks, Paul has been recording everything, so this has made the whole recording process loads easier and less stressful. He’s doing a great job and I know it’s going to sound perfect. (Any bands looking to record get in touch.) Oh and it’s a 5-track demo.”

Robby: “Yeah there’ll be a demo 7″ dropping on Purgatory soon.”

Kieran: “Yes it’ll be great.”

Will Mind X Control be releasing through Purgatory Records?

Ajay: “Right now, we have a few options on how this is going to be realised, all of them include Purgatory Records. But if the plans work out, a few labels will be helping out.”

You guys are a Straight Edge band; what does Straight Edge mean for you personally, for the band and why/when did you claim?

Ajay: “Growing up in a small valley town in Wales that was plagued with drugs and drinking from a very young age, I was into sports and didn’t really like the road that some of my mates were going down. My parents did everything they could to bring me up right and not go the same way. So when I got into Hardcore and learnt about what Straight Edge was, I knew that was the right decision for me. I’ve been edge since I was 18 and I’m 27 now, so a few years.”

Robby: “For me it was something that came natural to me, I used to live in an environment where I was surrounded with drink/fags/drugs and it just made sense to me to claim and live a life that was more suited for me and I’ve not looked back since and that was almost three years ago.”

Kieran: “I’ve been Straight Edge for about 10 years. I thought it’d be a positive lifestyle change and most of my mates were/are Straight Edge.”

What will be the main focus for Mind X Control?

Ajay: “Play some shows with my mates, realise music that we all want to do, have fun and be happy.”

Robby: “To have as much fun as we can, play some sick shows and hang out with our friends.”

Kieran: “Personally writing good songs, hanging out with good guys and having fun.”

What can we expect from Mind X Control in the future?

Ajay: “Hopefully crazy shows and more records.”

Robby: “Some solid jams, good merch, good mates and playing music we love and enjoy.”

Kieran: “Shows, good merch and good hangs.”

What do you think of the current Hardcore scene in the UK and how do you fit in according to you?

Ajay: “I think the scene is healthy, but it could always be better. If you’re into Hardcore, don’t be scared to start a band, put a show on, start a record label/distro, write a zine. But do these things for the right reasons. It’s easy to play the fool with an ego, don’t get caught up in acting up because some other idiot is playing up on the Internet; it takes the better man/woman to do something positive for UKHC. There will always be someone there to try and shoot you down, you just gotta pick your self up and carry on with what your set out to do, and the most important thing is to be your self, make your own decisions on what bands you like and what clothes to wear.”

Robby: “The UKHC scene is thriving right now lots of bands popping up from all over and the UK. And it’s good to see people supporting bands that are just starting out. As for us we’re just a bunch of Straight Edge guys who just wanna do something we’ve always wanted to do.”

Kieran: “UKHC went through a rough time a couple years ago and I think it’s back up there now. I think we fit in because we are a straight up Hardcore band. #ivebeenaroundawhile.”

Keep an eye out for updates on the forthcoming demo release right here on

Mind X Control: Tumblr

Picture by Natalie Wood –

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