Album of the Month: Citizen – Everybody Is Going To Heaven
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Album of the Month: Citizen – Everybody Is Going To Heaven

If you thought Citizen would do anything to meet anyone’s expectation after the release of their debut record Youth, which allowed them to earn a wider audience, think again. Everybody Is Going To Heaven, their second LP released in June through Run For Cover Records, may surprise a lot of people as it rather deviates from their previous sound. With … Continue reading


Review: No Bragging Rights – Cycles

Riverside, CA’s No Bragging Rights have recently put out their latest record: Cycles. The release features an impressive list of guest vocalists, with names such as Counterparts’ Brendan Murphy and Matt Lanners from The Greenery. It would go to far to discuss every track in this limited amount of space, but here are some of my favorite tracks. ‘The Advent Of Change’ is the opening … Continue reading

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Album of the Month: Brutality Will Prevail – Scatter the Ashes

Hardcore lives in South-Wales, at least if we are to believe Brutality Will Prevail, who are releasing their third full-length Scatter the Ashes on November 12th through Purgatory Records.  Where their previous full-length Root of All Evil was still a straight-up hardcore album, their new release features more musical variation. Album opener ‘Life Lines’ sounds … Continue reading