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Album of the Month: Alpha & Omega – No Rest, No Peace

Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega is a Hardcore band from Los Angeles that started in 2007. With influences drawn from Hardcore, Crossover and Metal, you know the material is guaranteed to be heavy. Their last album Life Swallower released in 2010 gained positive reviews and 7” single ‘Sink’ had fans waiting for the new record to be released. No Rest, No Peace is the new and upcoming album from Metallic Hardcore juggernaut Alpha & Omega and will be released July 23rd on Bridge 9 Records.

The record starts with ‘Sink’, and heavy riffing are thrown at you from the first second. Luis Hernandez his vocals are very aggressive. Lyrics like “No soul, no god, no man will ever know” and “This is my life, this is my pain, this is my choice to live my life this way” are certain sing-alongs. Next up is ‘No Rest, No Peace’; the song is a lot faster and more Crossover influences are present than in the previous one. Cro-Mags influences are heard combined with the more heavy sound of Crowbar. The song fits the title perfectly. ‘Burning Rope’ also has amazing riffing. Alpha & Omega doesn’t hide their Metal influences and the guitar work reminds of earlier Integrity work on several occasions. This band sounds like they’re from the 90’s and that really is a good thing. “I am empty, I am broken, I am broken and I am alone”, a true song of desperation.

‘Underworld’ starts off with Luis, and he’s quickly accompanied by the most heavy Hardcore riffs. This song reminds me of old Terror instrumentally. ‘Counterfeit’ starts and it becomes clear that Alpha & Omega is a no-nonsense band; No time for intro’s or build ups. ‘Downfall’ has a groove to it, which wasn’t yet found on this record. A nice solo is also thrown in. The groove, and Metal influence in this song reminds me of early Metallica on steroids. ‘Chains of Life’ is another hard hitter but also sounds a bit more open because of the group shouts. ‘Questions and Devils’ is a fast track and sounds very Thrashy and the chorus is very catchy. Sing-alongs are guaranteed. ‘Lost My Way’ starts groovy and hard, and is one of my favorite songs of the record. Luis is very talented and at some points this sound sounds very sludgy. Last but not least is ‘Choking Tongue’  a strong ending track: a straight up Hardcore blaster.

Alpha & Omega is a band that just blasts from start to finish. This band and record are just purely heavy and I think every Hardcore fan can enjoy this one. It’s the perfect mix between slow and fast. It has everything: Hardcore, Metal, Crossover, Thrash. It’s just one big piece of mosh. Luis’ voice fits perfect with the music and he can do more than just standard Hardcore vocals. I see this record as a big improvement on Life Swallower: the mix and production sound so much better and it seems that this record has a more forward approach and a more Hardcore sound than the last one. They really grew in those three years and it shows in this effort. All in all, No Rest, No Peace is a great record and the perfect Album of the Month. For fans of: Cro-Mags, Crowbar, Integrity, Terror, Dull Eyes, Mother of Mercy, Bitter End, Naysayer and Take Offense.

Track list – No Rest, No Peace

1. Sink
2. No Rest, No Peace
3. Burning Rope
4. Underworld
5. Counterfeit
6. Downfall
7. Chains of Life
8. Questions & Devils
9. Lost My Way
10. Choking Tongue

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