Album of the Month: Spirits – Discontent

Spirits - Discontent

Massachusetts hardcore kids, Spirits, are the latest gut busting four-piece to come pouring out Boston. Hailing from a city at the heart of hardcore, a place with a longstanding reputation for producing top talents in the world of alternative music, Spirits definitely have their work cut out for them. Standing out is never easy, particularly when you’re just starting out, but with the help of Q-division Studios, Spirits have surged onto the underground scene, holding nothing back and landing every punch.

As the album’s opener and title track, ‘Discontent’, rumbles to life, it doesn’t take long to realize this record is going to be riddled with punk-esque ferocity. Despite a lack of vocals, the onslaught of power chords and drilling drumbeats drip with emotion, coupled with a sense of anticipation and curiosity, it’s a subtle initiation into the chaotic sound of Discontent. Mike’s vocals make their first appearance on ‘Days of Light’, an introduction with about as much subtly as a bone cracking kick to the face. Mike and co. rampage on, flying between two minute, hardcore punk belters and fleeting moments of melodic tranquillity. Highlights like ‘The Pledge’ offer a dulcet twinkling before cascading into yet more angst, punk wrath. Spirits go on to knock out songs like ‘The Almighty Dollar’ and ‘Paid for Hate’, hitting home with a medley of poignant lyrics that would sound safe and sound on a Have Heart record.

From every strained vocal, to each thumping drumbeat, it’s impossible to deny Spirits have poured their heart and soul into this little record. Never shying away from topics of greed, self-reflection and social unrest, Discontent takes the essence of hardcore and blasts it through your speakers. It might not be the most original and dynamic sounding album around, but Spirits have put together one of the most honest and thought provoking records I’ve heard this year. Do yourself a favor, give it a spin.

Track list – Discontent:

1. Discontent
2. Days of Light
3. Life of Fiction
4. Time Got Lost
5. Paid for Hate
6. Never Lose the Feeling
7. Searching for More
8. The Pledge
9. Inherent Greed
10. The Almighty Dollar
11. Displaced
12. Their Class War
13. The Restless Ones (No Future)

Spirits: Facebook / Tumblr / Bandcamp

Written by Alfie Nobes

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