Review: Young Turks – Where I Rise

Young Turks

With debut album Where I Lie well and truly under their belts, Young Turks are set to release their anticipated follow up, Where I Rise. Recorded at D-Wreck studios and mixed by Alex Estrada – Touché Amore, Joyce Manor and Silver Snakes, Where I Rise validates this bands individual and ferocious form of punk drenched hardcore and shows a solid progression, both lyrically and musically from previous offering Where I Lie. This record cements their place as a gifted, up and coming band within the hardcore scene, and should seize the attention of any avid fans of the genre.

With only four tracks and a running time of less than ten minutes, this record is unquestionably short but sweet. ‘Territo(royally) Pissed’ ferociously kick-starts Where I Rise and wastes no time showing off Young Turks’ ruthless style. The opening song then signs off with an awesome breakdown which would sound perfectly at home on a Comeback Kid track. Second song ‘Zone K’ is a chaotic minute and a half of unforgiving guitar riffs, colossal drum beats and striking vocal lines. We also begin to see Matt Koenig’s lyrical evolution from prior album Where I Lie. Koenig fervently talks about progression, overcoming obstacles and letting go of the past on ‘Zone K’, and throughout the rest of the record.

Penultimate track ‘Roe vs Wade vs Westbrook’ upholds the record’s sense of fast-paced hostility. It further displays Koenig’s progression lyrically and continues to demonstrate the band’s musical prowess. The song also features some gratifying and shrewdly timed gang vocals. Final track ‘Old Gods’ slows the pace down a bit, much in the same way ‘Let Me Sink’ does on Where I Lie. The continuous build up in this song shows a lot of consideration in Young Turks songwriting, and makes it crystal clear there is another side to this band’s rowdy, in your face style.

If Where I Rise is anything to go by, we can expect spectacular things from Young Turks. This record holds absolutely nothing back and has some serious venom both musically and lyrically. Young Turks have proved themselves an authentic and aspiring band beginning to make their mark on the Hardcore genre. Where I Rise feels more concise and sure of itself than previous attempt, Where I Lie, the production sounds filled out and the bands songwriting has improved noticeably. All in all it’s a stellar record and Young Turks should be extremely proud of what they have achieved so far. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on their next full length album!

Track list – Where I Rise:

1. Territo(royally) Pissed
2. Zone K
3. Roe vs Wade vs Westbrook
4. Old Gods

Where I Rise is out now via Animal Style Records on 7″ and digital download.

Young TurksFacebook / Bandcamp / Web

Written by Alfie Nobes

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