Review: No Bragging Rights – Cycles

Riverside, CA’s No Bragging Rights have recently put out their latest record: Cycles. The release features an impressive list of guest vocalists, with names such as Counterparts’ Brendan Murphy and Matt Lanners from The Greenery. It would go to far to discuss every track in this limited amount of space, but here are some of my favorite tracks.

‘The Advent Of Change’ is the opening track. It starts of gently, but quickly build into a heavy song that tends to explode in your face. After their – in my opinion – somewhat weaker Illuminator, NBR now certainly seems to have found a better, more mature sound.  The second track is ‘Hope Theory’. This track features guest vocals of Davey Muise from Vanna. It has been released with a lyric video about a month prior to the release of the record. Check it out below.

Up next is the title track ‘Cycles’. This track features guest vocals of For Today’s Mattie Montgomery. It can’t be denied that Monty’s brutal screams really add to the atmosphere of the song. ‘Cycles’, together with ‘The Prequel’, are in my opinion probably the best, and probably heaviest, tracks on this release.

Another of my favorites is the seventh track, ‘Fight For My Life’ (ft. Brendan Murphy). The second half of this song should be a fun sing-along at shows. The eighth and ninth tracks are ‘Repeater’ and ‘The Prequel’ respectively. Both tracks are heavy and melodic, with amazing vocal work that strongly remind me of bands like Stick To Your Guns.

Cycles is an overall great release, both lyrically and musically. The cleans and screams are very well balanced, and so is the guitar work. If you are into good melodic hardcore in the spirit of CounterpartsSTYG or It Prevails, be sure to acquire this cd. You will certainly not be disappointed.

Track list – Cycles:

  1. The Advent of Change
  2. Hope Theory (ft. Davey Muise from Vanna)
  3. Appraisals and Omissions
  4. Cycles (ft. Mattie Montgomery from For Today)
  5. Not My Salvation
  6. Legacy (ft. Matt Lanners from The Greenery)
  7. Fight for My Life (ft. Brendan Murphy from Counterparts)
  8. Repeater
  9. The Prequel
  10. Ascensions

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Written by Laurens Kleine