Introducing: Backbreaker


Please introduce yourself and your band.

“Me (Lorens Meijer), Luke Heuer, Tom Burggraaff, Tom Damen and Niek Biemans are Backbreaker. Backbreaker is a hardcore punk band from Tilburg. We are a band for over two years or so.”

How did you come up with the band name, Backbreaker?

“It’s a very uncomfortable wrestle move.”

Backbreaker - Wrestle Move

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Ugly, angry and epileptic.

Ugly: Well some hardcore bands have a real smooth sound and are really groovy. Then you listen to our EP.
Angry: Well most lyrics are really about daily frustrations and anger mixed up with stupid dumb shit. for example Rage Quit is about a teacher that had a nervous breakdown and she is walking towards the door crying and screaming, then a guy that is basically the real-life Eric Cartman walks up to her and point his finger like 2 inches from her face and starts shouting: ”Rage quit! Rage quit! Rage quit!” right in her face!
Epileptic: Listen to our EP.”

You’ve just released your second EP. What’s the story behind this release and how does it stand out from your debut EP?

“The story behind this EP is that we had enough money to record 6 songs. The biggest difference I think is that we became more mature as persons and as a band. That recalls in the songwriting, the first EP was really a tornado of aggression and on the self-titled EP the songs are better structured and a bit more punky.”

Where do you hope this release will get you?

“Some more shows, some more fans maybe? Honestly we are not that ambitious. Having fun at shows and drinking some beer at the rehearsals. That’s pretty much Backbreaker.”

Finally, what’s lined up for Backbreaker in the near future?

“We are playing at Northcote the 6th of December in Dordrecht (NL). And I guess we still have to do a release show for the new EP?”

BackBreaker: Facebook / Bandcamp

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