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Presents: Up River

Brighton hardcore outfit Up River is getting ready for a run of European dates in January. With a new EP coming out via Anchors Aweigh Records in 2012, the band is excited to get on tour. If you’re into Modern Life Is War and Defeater, make sure to check these guys out.

Please introduces yourselves to our readers that are not familiar yet with Up River.

We’re four lads from the midlands who formed out of a love of making honest, passionate and angry music.

Can you share a bit of how you got together, and why you wanted to play hardcore music?

We met in Brighton, Tom and Alex knew each other before moving to Brighton and shared a house with our drummer Sam. Harry met Tom at a gig and wanted to form a hardcore band, with a sound that had a reaction to everything in Brighton at the time. We were frustrated with the local scene because Brighton was littered mediocre metal bands that were recycling the same bullshit ideas.

What do you think of the current European hardcore scene?

The European hardcore scene is very vibrant, our bass player grew up in Belgium and it feels like that the UK have just copied what European bands do so well. There’s so many bands in Europe that we look up to whereas in England there’s hardly any.

You’ll be releasing the Rough Ground 7″ on Anchors Aweigh Records. Can you share what we can expect from the tracks and when will it be released?

It will be released in February. The tracks are everything we want them to be, we’ve poured so much of ourselves into the songs it reflects our lives, we’re a band that’s here to stay, we’d be lucky to have a second chance. We’re not taking any of it for granted.

How would you describe your music?

We try and show the depths to which we can sink, but there is a sense of optimism and hope that can be taken away from our music. We write by feeling and remain truthful to ourselves.

Can you explain a little more about the artwork? How do the moths reflect the theme of the record?

The moth to us symbolizes even through darkness there is light, and that light is what we cling to, and that’s hope and optimism.

What do your lives look like? Do you all still have jobs?

Outside of this band it’s bleak, its standard 9-5 work that we all hate but it’s the means to an end, it’s an obsession for all of us and we’ve all made personal sacrifices for this band.

What motivates you to keep playing music?

It’s been an immovable part of our lives; we don’t want to throw it away.

What got you into hardcore music, and what inspires you to write?

We are driven by the connection we make with our fans and each other, this band was formed out of a love of music and artistic expression, no matter how shit life is outside the band, we all know playing shows and writing music that excites us is ultimately worth those lows we all go through

You’re about to go on tour here in Europe. Are you excited? Anything you’d like to share with our readers?

We’re unbelievably excited! If anyone that comes out to the shows can you put us up for the night!

Thank you.

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