Review: Step Aside – Reaching Out

“Sometimes I feel so broken and bruised / That I look at myself / And don’t know what to do / I ask for help / And look for ways / But this feeling inside has my mind in a maze / I can’t look down / I must look up / I hate to admit but I think I’m stuck”

With those honest and recognizable words, Tucson, Arizona’s Step Aside presents it’s very first track ‘Intro / Mind’s In A Maze’. Reaching Out is the band’s first effort since they started playing together in the summer of 2011. In less then 10 minutes they confront you with one of the most convincing EP’s of this year and prove why they should be on your “bands-to-check-out-list.”

That the band started as an outlet to get their message out there is easy to tell. The songwriting by singer Josh is straight to the point, and certainly has no lack of flow. Second track ‘Nothing’s Gotta Give’ illustrates that perfectly.

“I’ve spent too many days sitting in the rain / Searching for light in this messed up game / It’s a constant struggle with no signs of relief / Is it me or just my beliefs? / I won’t follow you / I won’t do what you ask me to / I’d rather be alone / And search for the way on my own”

Step Aside’s Reaching Out breaths energy and authenticity; the old school approach of their music is strongly influenced by the greats in Youth of Today and Chain of Strength. The band turns out to be a worthy newcomer to this scene and there’s a lot to be expected of their debut record.

Reaching Out comes out on December 20 through Life To Live Records. Pre-order here.

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