Interview: Dead Swans

The guys of Dead Swans are working hard on their upcoming Anxiety and Everything Else EP, bust still they found some time to answer some of our questions about what we can expect from them, the upcoming tour and other matters:

You are working on your upcoming EP; can you tell us a little bit about the songs, what are they about?
“Since we recorded Sleepwalkers quite a lot has happened in the band and out, the songs just reflect the last couple of years of my life. I think with these songs we had a lot more of a grip on things and what we really wanted to come out of the studio. One song is about how I destroyed my ankle skateboarding in early June and have been messed around quite a lot by doctors and never given a straight answer, I’ll have surgery after summer 2012 I think, it’s just nice to let some steam off about that. 95% of the EP is just a reminder – ‘always pick yourself back up no matter what life throws at you’.”

How is a Dead Swans song born, what is the process of writing a song like for you?
“To be honest, its’ always been a bit different process. I mean most of the time Pid will mail me a riff (as we all live quite far apart now days) and I’ll fix the lyrics over the top, some of the times we have not even shown Benny the songs and he rips through it in minutes, it’s pretty amazing to watch. If I have something that I really wanted to sing about and get off my chest I’m a lot more motivated and involved.”

How would you describe your own Dead Swans sound?
“Hardcore punk, but I get told otherwise; maybe I need to get my ears checked.”

What motivates all of you to keep writing and playing music?

Can you share a bit of how you got together, and how you got into hardcore music?
“Well my old band broke up and a couple of the others were in a band called Nervous Wreck and they were recording a 7″ at the studio where we recorded our demo, Southern Blue, and Anxiety and Everything Else. At first we were talking about having a practice and see what comes out, then we recorded a 2 track demo at the end of the Nervous Wreck recording. Things picked up pretty fast from there. I got in to hardcore through friends skateboarding and getting taken along to shows – I owe a lot to the dudes in Abandon Ship (R.I.P) – that was the best UK hardcore band.”

What does hardcore music mean to you, what makes it special?
“This band means a lot to us – it’s taken us to some amazing places and we have had some of the best times with it. To me, hardcore is just a release, a place to escape for a while, it’s different for everyone I guess. Like any genre of music, if you hear a band you like or song that meant something to you, which makes the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and it makes you want more and more, for me it’s like that.”

Has playing in Dead Swans changed your lives, and in what way?
“It made us unhealthy (laughs). Well, if it was not for the band, I probably would not be living in Vienna, that’s just one thing. The band has definitely changed our lives in one way or another.”

Do you guys still have dreams, goals?
“As far as the band goes it’s just nice to play these songs every once and a while and see each other. We never made it to Australia – that’s always been a place I think we all wanted to see for quite some time, you never know maybe one day it’ll happen.”

What do you think of the European hardcore scene?
“Good shit, I guess it depends where you go. Most of the time it’s awesome, kids going off at shows, we have met a lot of really nice people over the last few years while touring Europe and we hope to see them on the next tour. Shows in Vienna are good – it’s always a good time.”

Final question; are you guys excited for the 2012 Euro tour with Horror Show?
“Of course, Horror Show rules and were very excited to be on the road with them in January.”

“Stay gold.”

You can find more about their 2012 Euro tour with Horrow Show in our Tours section.

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