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10 Reasons To See Title Fight On Tour

Last week we caught Title Fight on their tour while they visited the Dynamo venue in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

We and surely everyone else in the venue thought it was an amazing show. Why? Here is a list of ten reasons why we thought it was good and why you have to go see them on this tour:

1. Energy; Transit opened the evening and most likely not many people in The Netherlands knew who they were but that did not keep anyone back. After the first chord people were already into it, mostly in the front people could not possibly stand still. But the most amazing thing happened when Title Fight came on; there was no one in the room who was not moving. You could almost feel the adrenaline in the air. People dancing, cheering, and an extreme number of people (especially for a small venue like Dynamo) singing along with every song, jumping on and off the stage. It was madness!

2. Passion; you could feel that every band were in their element during the show, just doing their thing, the way they wanted. It was like they were in their element and completely in the moment and that is something that has become almost rare these days. Some bands just go on stage go through their set list and that is it. Not these guys. Every song had a certain load of emotion and passion to it. The songs mend something to these guys and it showed.

3. Showmanship; even though the guys had quite some technical difficulties, they know how to put together a show and have all the moves, that is for sure. Swinging those mics, guitars and what not in the middle of their show, there was no stopping them.

4. Open; the guys from Transit, Balance and Composure and Title Fight must be the friendliest down to earth guys out there right now. The most important thing is that they are very open about what they think of the people coming out to see them, even when not everyone is completely into what they are doing. Do not hesitate to walk up to them before or after the show because they love to share some great stories about the tour.

5. Songs; incredible tracks like Title Fight’s ‘Youreyeah’, Transit’s ‘Stay Home’ and Balance and Composure’s ‘I Tore You Apart In My Head’ killed it live! Everyone was singing along, even the shy people came loose during these amazing moments in a wonderful night.

6. Atmosphere; the feeling inside the venue was great. Everyone was having a good time and the positive feeling these bands have was just radiant; radiant and contagious. Catching a show from this tour will guarantee to put a big smile on your face that will last for a couple of days at the very, very least.

7. Transit; a band on the rise and surely well chosen to accompany Title Fight on this great tour. They are a band of catchy songs and pure energy that will surely set every show this tour has to offer off to a good start. Also, look out for their great touring stories!

8. Balance and Composure; a great band, maybe note as energetic as the rest, but these guys are pure passion and doing their thing the way they want it. They will tell you what they are feeling throughout the show and if you give them a chance they will give you an amazing show filled with songs that just need to be sang along to.

9. Title Fight; they brought the whole room into complete and utter chaos, the good kind of chaos. Everyone inside the room was jumping, running, dancing and singing along on the top of their lungs with almost every single word. They are the most energetic bunch I have ever witnessed on stage. Their performance made it a show to never forget.

10. Gratefulness; all the guys in every band that played that night, they were there for the crowd and they were so extremely thankful for us to come see them. They really deserve the attention and if you are looking for a great show, a good night out to never forget you should go and while you go; pick up some merchandise, buy a record to help these guys out!

Check for all remaining Title Fight shows.

Photos by © Anne Carolien Köhler •

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