I Am Alpha And Omega – The Roar And The Whisper

I Am Alpha And Omega caught my attention about a year ago, when I discovered their label Come&Live!. At the time they just released a video for their single ‘The War I Wage’, and mainly because that amazing song and the sweet video I kept updated about their progress.

Today, IAAAO released their full-length album The Roar And The Whisper. They write on their Myspace: “Diversity” is not a word you would use to describe heavy music today. But I Am Alpha and Omega’s new record The Roar And The Whisper is going to change that. Displaying a passionate conviction and songwriting ability that is all but gone in the genre, The Roar And The Whisper is a breath of fresh air.

In my opinion, the record definitely has a lot of diversity going on. A lot of clean vocals, growls, Indie influences and “poppy” choruses, but still staying true to their original sound.

Head over to their Myspace to find out yourself, because they are giving away their brand new album for free! Please consider donating though, or buying the album through iTunes, because the guys could really use your support!


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