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Album of the Month: Rude Awakening – Collateral Damage

Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening have come roaring out of Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts with their latest powerhouse of a record, Collateral Damage. Having teamed up with prestigious hardcore label Bridge Nine Records and hitting the road around the US and Canada, Rude Awakening are fresh and ready to start making their mark on the world of hardcore music. Formed three years ago in the sunny summer of 2011, this band of relentless musicians have knocked out some decent EP’s and hopped between a few different labels. This record is a chance to show everyone just how far they’ve come, it certainly does the trick.

Collateral Damage has a straight up, backs to wall sound, instantly on show with the arrival of album opener ‘Progression Through Aggression’. The vocalist hurls and spits his venomous vocal lines which combined with some blistering bass lines and hammering drum beats leaves no doubts about these guys’ ruthless style. Rude Awakening also have some undeniable groove to their otherwise hefty, hostile sound, shining through on tracks like ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Fence Walker’. However this band’s real forte is in their no-frills aggressive riffs. ‘Burning at Both Ends’ and title track ‘Collateral Damage’ are flawless examples, hard hitting guitar and a unyielding speed make for a dominating sound that no NY-style hardcore fan could possibly resist. ‘Higher Power’ and ‘Against the Grain’ end the album with undeniable malice, but my real highlight is the rampant ‘Dragging the Anchor’. An excellent balance of ferocity and groove, this hard hitting track really stands out for me.

Collateral Damage is a respectable start to what is hopefully an extensive and fruitful relationship with Bridge Nine Records. It’s a brutally authentic album, overflowing with bellicosity and power. If you’re a fan of hardcore legends Terror you’ll undoubtedly love this one, it probably won’t be too hard on the ears for fans of Trapped Under Ice and Backtrack either. All in all, Collateral Damage does exactly what it says on the tin. Buy the record, strap yourself in and enjoy twenty minutes of ferocious riffs and endless head banging, all courtesy of Rude Awakening.

Track list – Collateral Damage:

1. Progression Through Aggression
2. Burning At Both Ends
3. Fence Walker
4. Black Widow
5. Path Of Destruction
6. Collateral Damage
7. Dragging The Anchor
8. Hypocrisy Among Us
9. Higher Power
10. Against The Grain

Rude Awakening: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Collateral Damage

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