Peter Says Denim – Alive & Kickin

A while back, a brand called Peter Says Denim caught my attention: a collection of jeans, t-shirts, polos and accesoires that almost seemed perfect. I got in touch with them immediatly and they’d love to share their story with you:

“In 2008, Petersaysdenim rose out of the urge to combine music and fashion. As an important figure in underground Indonesian punk culture, Peter Firmansyah’s band, Petersaysorry, created a recognizable identity by wearing and designing his own jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and other street wear apparel. Soon, the label was catching on and became an Indonesian success by expanding the line to local clothing stores and custom wear. The prosperous business stayed true to it’s original intentions and began endorsing local and North American independent bands, like, Every Time I Die, Counterparts and August Burns Red.

A paramount of quality, Petersaysdenim designs every aspect of their products – whether it be rivets, selvedge denim, or tag style, and even collaborates with bands to create custom and limited edition jeans, like the Silverstein x PSD black denim straight-leg. No detail is ever missed – whether it be specially embroidered pockets, insignia printed on the inside pant leg, or leather logo shaped like a guitar pic.

After expanding their employees and contacts, Petersaysdenim has reached out to begin opening a processing warehouse in Ontario to service North America. Following their success at the Scene Music Festival 2010, and supporting Kingdoms’ final show, the label is quickly catching on in Canada. By continually coming out with new lines and supporting the music scene, Petersaysdenim is staying true to its roots, by providing a brand combining music and fashion.“

Head over to to check and spend your savings on their collection. We can’t wait ‘till they settle in Europe too!


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