EXCLUSIVE: Casting Curses Premiere New Song ‘Polar Problems’

We’re excited to exclusively present you a brand new track from upstate New York’s Casting Curses. The seasoned quintet that starting out halfway through college have released their debut full length record Validation digitally on September 28th. To detail some background information on this release we spoke with front man Brian Kraus, who’s one of the two founding and permanent members of the band. Casting Curses has seen many line-up changes in the interest of pushing forward, and there’s no sign of quitting just yet: We’re stubborn dudes that don’t want to break up, even if our pace has slowed down.” Check ‘Polar Problems’ off of Validation exclusively in the Soundcloud player, and read more about their new album, their influences, and future plans in our conversation with Brian below.

How would your describe your new album Validation?

“It’s a hardcore album with many rock and roll elements. Hardcore rock?”

What was it like to record your debut full length? Can you share some of your experiences?

“It was an extremely long and difficult process. It was a much more thought-out and focused than all our previous EP’s, which were rushed together in comparison. By the time the album was ready for public release, a lot of us were feeling burnt out on the band. It’s harder to make progress living in three different cities, and we are not really a “local” that’s part of a scene anymore. There were many internal arguments over final details of the release. Things could have gone smoother, some of it was on us and some was out of our hands. I think we figured out ways to improve that on our next release. Having even a small positive response to Validation has given us a much needed morale boost and made us excited again.”

What were your main influences for writing this record?

“We all enjoy heavy music with a lot of groove, and sometimes a little thrash. Depending on which member you ask, we would probably cite specific examples of Every Time I Die, Eighteen Visions, The Hope Conspiracy, Converge, Coalesce, Cave In, Breather Resist, Scarlet, Spitfire, Cast Iron Hike and Bars for shaping our sound.”

You’re planning on physically releasing Validation this winter. Can you already share some of the details?

“We are entertaining the idea of doing a limited run of digipack CDs. The label is pending but won’t be a surprise to anyone. For our last EP, Cold All Over Again, we had pressed 1,000 7-inches without any touring to support it, so we learned our lesson with that. I think we still have about half of them leftover.”

What lays in the near future for Casting?

“We have a few B-sides from the album to give away at some point. Next up will be some shows around the northeast to promote the record’s release. Besides that, we might record more covers along with some new songs – not sure if we will have an EP’s worth or another LP in the works.”

Can you share some of your secret desires, on what you’d like to eventually achieve with your band?

I’d just like our fanbase to grow and see what opportunities that creates. That’s a little more difficult with our touring days behind us, but we’ll continue to release music and see what happens.”

You can now download Validation for $2 or more on Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more information on the physical release.

Track list – Validation

1. Thrashmir
2. My Favorite Abortion
3. Your Hearts Will Burn (ft. Keith Holuk of Ligeia)
4. Dirt Becomes Mud
5. Slamification
6. Calm Before The Shitstorm
7. Overthought Process
8. Old Bitch
9. Polar Problems
10. International Men Of Riffery

Casting Curses: Facebook / MySpace / Bandcamp

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