The Groezrock 2016 Photo Report
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The Groezrock 2016 Photo Report

This year’s edition of Groezrock – their 25th anniversary – was an odd one. No means to set a negative tone here, but as a 25-year-old, punk/hardcore-loving kid this year’s line-up wasn’t quite what I expected or hoped for. And looking at the comment feed of the Groezrock Facebook-page and the amount of friends who … Continue reading


Q&A: War Charge

Only formed one year ago, Scottish hardcore mob War Charge played their first mainland European show yesterday with Cold World and Blindside. We’re proud to present this tour, which promotes the band’s self-titled 7″ that is out today via Spook Records and Demons Run Amok Records. On the boat to The Netherlands guitarist Chris Lavender sat down to answer … Continue reading