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Album of the Month: The Rival Mob – Mob Justice

Mob Jusice

The Rival Mob a.k.a. The Mob from Boston have just released their latest record called Mob Justice. With members coming from bands such as Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Mental, xFilesx and many others, they put together their strengths and created a set of songs that yet again screams old school hardcore.

The Rival Mob is coming and they bring us Mob Justice, a 12-track full length album. The record holds fast and angry songs that take you back to the 80’s, to the point in time that hardcore was at its very peak.

The record starts with a killer intro, called ‘Intro Grunt’. Rolling toms are whipping up the energy that transforms into an already so recognizable riff. It sets the tone for the album: old school, simple, catchy, fast, and angry. ‘Mob Justice’, the title track is the first real track for the album and gives voice to the Mob. The mob has come and the mob is here to bring a message. Don’t fuck with the mob, the mob is here to stay.

The songs are about multiple topics like among others they talk about respect issues and the hardcore scene not having a place for Nazi’s and other narrow-minded scum. The band does not hold back and speaks it mind and has a “fuck you” ready for everyone who begs to differ.

The Rival Mob

I wouldn’t say that this record is hardcore as it was meant to be, but it sure as hell is how it started out first. The guys of the mob stay true to their roots and are somewhat of the long lost sons of the Boston hardcore scene. It is amazing to see a band doing the exact opposite of what most bands are doing out there these days, trying to be different, while these guys turn and go back to the very start of the thing they love.

If you are a fan of the oldies, like Youth of Today, Warzone, Black Flag, you name it, this band is for you. Get yourself a copy of Mob Justice and see a show when the mob comes for you!

Tracklist – Mob Justice

1. Intro Grunt
2. Mob Justice
3. It Must Be Nice
4. Boot Party
5. Life Or Death
6. Fake Big
7. Be Somebody
8. Friendly Freaks
9. The Brutes Of Force
10. Self-Esteem
11. Cheapo Grosso
12. Thought Control

The Rival Mob: Facebook / MySpace / Order Mob Justice

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