Review: Contrast – Brighter Sight Demo


To keep that PMA so well known throughout hardcore music everybody needs a daily dose of youth crew. 90’s youth crew would be the best option but we can’t ignore the fact that there are a lot of current bands in the revival movement that do a damn good job. One of those bands is CONTRAST from Belgium. They just released their demo Brighter Sight.

The first song is called ‘The Message’ and starts off PMA immediately with lyrics like “The message I wear, is a positive one.” Sound-wise the bands floats between Youth Of Today, The First Step and Floorpunch. ‘Keeping Up’ is a faster track. The band is very straight forward, energetic and positive just like the original 90’s youth crew movement. For a revival band they actually sound a lot like 90’s bands which is hard to achieve these days. ‘Look Within’ is a short burst of aggression. A Common Cause/Carry On vibe is noticeable here with a serious twist of hardcore punk. As much as I like the release so far I will point out that the snare is very prominent to a certain point that it becomes annoying. I feel like the snare takes away the attention from the rest of the instrumentation and even the vocals. ‘Brighter Sight’ is the final track and starts of slow and heavy that later transitions into that burst of energy we’ve come to expect from CONTRAST. The group shouts in the song are a nice addition and the song is a fitted ending for the demo.

For a first release it’s a strong and good first impression. The fact that they are from Belgium which practically makes them neighbors is pretty cool too, especially when there are zero to none bands that come so close to the youth crew sound as CONTRAST does. However, like I said the snare is a serious obstacle. I think if they tone that down and/or mix it to fit in better the release would be hell of a lot stronger. Nonetheless I’d advice you to check them out and to keep an eye out for future material. I certainly will.  For Fans of: Youth Of Today, The First Step, Floorpunch, Common Cause, Carry On, Wild Life, Get Wise.

Track list – Brighter Sight:

1. The Message
2. Keeping Up
3. Looking Within
4. Brighter Sight

CONTRAST: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Nigel 

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