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Album of the Month: Angel Du$t – Rock The Fuck On Forever

Angel Dust - Rock The Fuck On Forever - Cover Artwork

Baltimore’s supergroup Angel Du$t is back, baby! Rock The Fuck On Forever follows the course the band set on their 2014 debut album A.D. and this new record certainly does justice to its title. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Angel Du$t is a band fronted by Trapped Under Ice’s Justice Tripp and joined Turnstile, Praise and Mindset members, whose hybrid sound is filled with melodic choruses and fast-paced verses. Drawing influences from Bad Brains, The Stooges or The Ramones, they certainly bring tons of fun and energizing vibes.

Groovier and catchier than ever, the band delivers 13 new tracks, recorded and produced by Will Yip, that blurs the lines between punk, hardcore, alt-rock, and pop again. RTFOF is a concise and spontaneous record defying classification and that’s probably what makes it a punk record per se. There’s no real surprises compared to their previous material but there’s also no room for boredom as RTFOF is absorbing and perfectly channels AD’s pop sensibility.

The whole record itself sounds very 80’s inspired and hearkens back to some vintage punk sound. ‘Toxic Boombox’ sets the tone with fast drum parts and a super catchy chorus while songs like ‘Stay’ or ‘Upside Down’ (“the one your mom will like”) reasserts Angel Du$t’s facility with simple, effective structures. It’s a collection of songs that combine raw energy (‘Hurt You Bad’, ‘Somebody Else’) with more mellow moments (‘Bad Thing’), varied (‘Stranger Things’ even includes a sax solo!) but consistent enough to make it a refreshing output. ‘Headstone’ or ‘Twist N Shout’ are the kinds of songs you can jam in your car with the windows down or during a skateboard session. Justice delivers another top-notch vocal performance, much more approachable that what he usually delivers within TUI and that should certainly be a rejuvenating experience for him.

Overall, Angel Du$t’s ability to deliver songs that get stuck in your head is undeniable and that’s an exceedingly enjoyable feel throughout the whole listen. It sounds predictable at times but it’s the record that probably captures the essence of the band the most.

If you’re looking for a no-brainer, no-filler record, consider Rock The Fuck On Forever as the soundtrack for this summer to come. It’s loaded with sequences that can make you sing and dance even if you’re not necessarily into hardcore or punk. It most likely won’t scare away too many fans of the aforementioned bands. It’s another step forward for Angel Du$t and a welcome addition to a discography that is becoming more and more interesting. Released on May 20th, you can now pick up a copy at Pop Wig Records. Certified banger!

Track list – Rock The Fuck On Forever:

01. Toxic Boombox
02. Ready 2 Receive U
03. Stay
04. Upside Down
05. Hurt You Bad
06. Bad Thing
07. Rectify
08. Deep Love
09. Headstone
10. Twist N Shout
11. Cool Inside You
12. Somebody Else
13. Stranger Things

Angel Du$t: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Alex Tabankia

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