Photo Report: Blistered, Intense & Deathtrap @ Studio Gonz, 19 May 2016

Gouda Hardcore was started in 2012 to book more hardcore shows in Gouda. And after the likes of No Turning Back, Atlas Losing Grip, Kids Insane, Risk It! and tons of others played the city of cheese, it was now Florida hardcore band Blistered’s turn to take the stage. And they didn’t came alone…

Deathtrap from Rotterdam opened the night with Alice in Chains cover which set the tone for the rest of the show. Their mix of Load/Reload-era Metallica and Pantera was great and sounded a bit like Throwdown in places. The always energetic frontman Tom had a lot of positive speeches to deliver and pumped up the crowd nicely.

Next up was Intense from Duisburg, Germany. They played their own German brand of NYHC which got the first people to mosh. Their songs filled with heartfelt lyrics and strong breakdowns make me excited to see what they will bring us in the foreseeable future.

Blistered played a great set that mostly relied on their latest full length The Poison of Self Confinement. However, old gems like ‘Life Does Not Satisfy’ and ‘Soul Erosion’ also weren’t forgotten. Apart from some technical difficulties and problems in the pit (at which Blistered respectfully stopped playing and started the song over again). The metallic hardcore of these humble Americans is raw, intense and heavy as fuck.

Blistered: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order The Poison of Self Confinement
Intense: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Sick and Depraved
Deathtrap: Facebook / Bandcamp
Gouda Hardcore: Facebook

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