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Album of the Month: Wolf Down – Incite & Conspire

Wolf Down - Incite & Conspire

Wolf Down were never about sugarcoating their point of view and tiptoeing around sensitive subjects. Seconds into their new album Incite & Conspire they explain why. “Indifference is a virus. Fought by renegades that won’t subside. Defying the state of structural oppression. Let anger, let passion, become a weapon.” Without compromise, Wolf Down climbs the barricades, fighting racism, sexism and capitalism, while propagating a hardcore vegan, anarchist, anti-fascist lifestyle. The artwork consists of a drawing of three activists setting fire to a city, the conspiracy of arsonists (which also happens to be the name of their highly political newsletter).

A review only mentioning the German crew’s outspoken activism would not justify their musical efforts though. After their album Stray From The Path the band parted ways with their former singer Larissa and found a new singer in Dave. Wolf Down has always been about heavy beats, but with Dave a new depth has been added to their sound. A deeper, more profound Bitter End-like sound is the result. And the album is an absolute banger. Keine experimente, as the Germans would say, but straight forward, in-your-face metallic hardcore done absolutely right.

‘Flames of Discontent’ might have taken its name from the illustrious Refused album (or the bundle of worker’s songs from the 60’s) and is a frontal attack on capitalism, with the sound of a thunderous wave of annihilating hardcore mixed with a thick layer of aggression. This is a constant factor on the entire album, where the straight-in-your-face, almost angulated sound serves as a perfect complement for the no compromise mentality the band preaches.

The heart of the album consists of the two tracks ‘Incite’ and ‘Conspire’ which were released as singles before the album. ‘Incite’ is one of the few moments on the album where the band decides to take a step back and actually builds up a wall of sound. The majority of the song serves as a long intro to ‘Conspire’, a furious plea for anarchism. “Forged bonds of resistance across the earth. You can’t crush the movement’s oncoming rebirth.” This remains to be seen. But Incite & Conspire is a robust and vigorous pamphlet for social change in the form of an overwhelmingly impressive record. Don’t expect innovative and complicated experimental hardcore. But if you – as I – like your hardcore fast, loud and heavy, this is an early contender for ‘album of the year’.

Catch these guys on tour with Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts and Stray From The Path. You might actually learn a thing or two while moshing. Wolf Down’s Incite & Conspire will be released through End Hits Records/Cargo Records and hits stores February 5th.

Track list – Incite & Conspire:

1. Barricade Fever
2. Against The Grain
3. Protect / Preserve
4. Invisible War
5. Flames Of Discontent
6. At Daggers Drawn
7. Incite
8. Conspire
9. True Deceivers
10. Torch of Reason
11. The Fortress

Wolf Down are featured in The L.A. Journal #3 with a 2-page spread. Pick up a copy here.

Wolf Down: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Website / Order Incite & Conspire

Written by Peter Kwint

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