Review: Violent Reaction – Marching On

Violent Reaction - Marching On

After 2013’s LP City Streets and 2014’s EP Dead End, Violent Reaction is back with their second full-length Marching On, out now on Revelation Records. This UK straight edge outfit hits it just right with their fast punk, hardcore and occasional oi music. With 14 songs this album clocks in at 19 minutes and is just as short as you want it to be.

The album starts with an intro, beginning slow and building up to an heavier instrumental track. When ‘Leave Me Out’ starts you can hear the fast and energetic vocals, the classic punk/hardcore guitar riffs and the raw fast hitting drums for the first time. Tom Pimlott is screaming so fast I don’t know how he can breathe between his lines. The album continues with tracks like ‘Death Threat’, ‘Direct Action’ and ‘Street Dogs’ which feel like 80’s street punk with a modern twist and set the tone for this full-length.

But it’s not all fast and hard. ‘No Pride’ starts off with a rock n’ roll riff and is a more melodic song. Yes, they can do that too. And ‘Disorder’ has a more oi, stomping sound that slows down but eventually speeds up again. Marching On has enough diversity to not become repetitive. ‘War’ especially keeps it interesting with a very slow intro to punk/hardcore riff where Tom keeps shouting: “Declaration, this means war. On the frontline we’ll settle the score.”

These 14 anthems that Violent Reaction present may be nothing new, but they are executed to perfection and have everything to become a real crowd pleaser. It grabs you’re attention from the first guitar notes to the last drum beat and it never lets go. If you’re into bands like 86 Mentality and The Flex you should definitely check out this album.

Favorite track: ‘War’

Track list – Marching On:

1. M1 Stomp
2. Leave Me Out
3. No Pride
4. Bored to Death
5. Death Threat
6. Stand and Fight
7. Disorder
8. War
9. Crust Fund
10. Impact
11. Direct Action
12. Hidden Agenda
13. Street Dogs
14. Marching on

Violent Reaction: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Victor de Meijier

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