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Introducing: The Dull Eyes

The Dull Eyes

The Dull Eyes are a fairly new band from Dusseldorf, Germany who like to describe their music as “space shit”. We had the privilege of exclusively streaming their new EP Titanomachy in its entirety and we definitely feel the spacey, fuzzy vibes. We asked singer Jannis some questions about his band and the new release, check it out!

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“Yo, we’re The Dull Eyes from Düsseldorf, Germany. Terry Hot Chick and Samson on guitars, Simmel is playing the bass, Beatmaster Silvanus Stallone on drums and me, Jannis, trying to look cool with a mic in my hand.”

How did you come up with the band name?

“I guess, it was Tarik who came up with it. We had a couple ideas for band names when we started writing songs, back in 2011. “Dull Eyes” seemed to fit not too bad to our music, so we went with that. I think, it’s even a better fit to what we sound like today than to our first tracks. So, I’m still happy with it.”

Please define your sound in three words and elaborate not that.

“Space, Fuzz & Heavy Metal.”

Titanomachy, also known as War of the Titans, was a ten-year series of battles in Greek mythology. How does this relate do your upcoming release and why did you choose this as the title for the EP? (Please also elaborate on the story behind the release.)

“The idea of Titanomachy as a title for our new record was also born in Tarik’s mind. (Seems like he’s the no. 1 creative in our band, fuck!) He had been watching a docu on TV that dealt with astronomy and felt like Titanomachy had to be the name of our new release. He explained the meaning very well back then, so we all were like “this is it!”. Titanomachy means a theoretical epoch that produces planet collisions in an unstable solar system and that’s all I remember, to be honest. The record doesn’t have to do much with the mythological meaning behind the word. We like using metaphors from space related shit, because that’s what we think of, jamming in our practice room. “War of the Titans” sounds powerful and – hopefully – so our tracks do. For me, it’s also a metaphor to express things that are happening inside my head, same as the song titles ‘Galaxy Grinder’ and ‘Total Alienation’.”

Who’s responsible for the artwork and what’s the idea behind it? It looks sick!

“Thanks! The artwork was made by our homie Chris. His artist name is Black Cloud Design. Make sure to check him out! When we asked him to design a cover for our record, we just had the title and a special, more metal-like style in mind. He sat down, listened to the record, started to draw and came up with great ideas. The motives are inspired by the astronomical meaning behind Titanomachy and our lyrics, especially of the track ‘Messiah’.”

What’s next?

“We got a couple one-off shows coming. First in Belgium this Sunday (9th of November in Ham with Hollow Truth) and the second one in our hometown Düsseldorf (22nd of November with Gone To Waste and others). We still have some copies of Titanomachy’s release edtion left only for these two gigs, by the way! There’s also a music video to be released very soon… For the next year, we’ve got more weekend tours and a few bigger things on our agenda. See you on the road!”

Stream The Dull Eyes’ new album Titanomachy now in its entirety on Legends Arising. Click here.

The Dull Eyes: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Titanomachy

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