Review: Survival – Forged In Iron

Forged In Iron

Straight edge, Mancunian hardcore kids Survival are back with another stomping crusade into the UK hardcore scene. New Instinct Records are behind the summer follow-up to Spirit Unchained and once again, this one is not for the light hearted. After a medley of rock-solid records Survival have crafted and honed a rapid, break neck sound. Perhaps not the most original, but never the less there is always a place for straightforward, well executed hardcore and these guys pack a monstrous punch.

‘Survival of the Real’ sets the tone instantly. Thirty six seconds of in your face hardcore punk lets the listener know this one’s going to be short and brutal. Followed up by ‘Strength above them all’ and ‘Out from the Start’, it quickly becomes clear that dominant bass lines, hectic riffs and furious vocals are what these guys do best. ‘Dare to Live’ packs a tad more groove without losing the rage displayed on previous tracks, bringing a fresh dimension to the EP. ‘Get me out’ kicks it up a gear, driving riffs, thunderous drums and a colossal beatdown to polish it off make this a standout track on the record. Forged In Iron still refuses to let up and rounds off neatly with the records unrelenting title track. Be sure to check this rampant five piece out live, because if this viscous little EP is anything to go by, they are going to annihilate venues across the UK and Europe.

If you’re a fan of backs to the wall, no fucks given hardcore then this is right up your street. Oozing with NY hardcore style riffs and reminiscent of talents like Backtrack, Piece by Piece and Rotting Out, Forged In Iron is a bold step in the right direction for this flourishing five-piece.

Track list – Forged In Iron:

1. Survival of The Real
2. Strength Above All
3. Out From The Start
4. Dare to Live
5. Get Me Out
6. Forged In Iron

Survival: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Alfie Nobes


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