Presents: LOTUS “Israel” Release Show

Lotus - webposter

In 2010, four kids crossed paths and started playing music together for the sake of playing music together. Their band name only saw the light of day when they were preparing for their first try-out show and had to put a name on the bill; LOTUS, a reference to a Shipwreck A.D. song on the album Abyss. Now, after four years, the band has carefully scheduled the release of their first album called Israel.

On November 22nd, LOTUS chooses to share this celebratory moment with friends, family and befriended bands at JH Zigzag in Merksplas, Belgium. They will be joined on stage by Pulse, Fever, Imaginary Dictionary and This Routine Is Hell.

All details can be found in the Facebook-event. Please RSVP if you plan on coming.

LOTUS: Facebook / Bandcamp

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