Review: Cross Me – Paid In Full

Cross Me

Proudly represented by the likes of Expire and Bent Life, the Midwest hardcore scene has been flourishing lately. Among the bands that are trying to make their way, there’s Cross me, a young quartet whose average age is only 20 years old. This band from Milwaukee, WI just released Paid In Full, a 7” EP on Flatspot Records, and is about to hit the American east coast stages real soon. 

With these 5 tracks, strongly influenced by a NYHC style and more thrash sonorities, Paid In Full showcases a band whose energy is unquestionable. While it can sometimes be difficult with young bands’ releases to differentiate each track from the other, it’s clearly not the case here. ‘Warrior Spirit’ is a stomping opener that reminds me some old Backtrack tunes; ‘No Throne’ is a mosh pit worthy track – Harsh vocals fit well with the enraged instrumentation- while ‘Don’t Cross Me’ speed things up with a solid riff and fast drum play. ‘Bad Company’, which was previously released as a single on August 2013, is the standout track of this EP while the eponymous and incendiary track ‘Paid in Full’ concludes it all.

Considering their age, it’s remarkable to hear bands such as Cross Me who already showcase pretty good skills and maturity. Such determination should soon lead them to more touring and recognition. With their angry hardcore/thrash mixture, it’s safe to say there’s a new solid value in the area.  Keep an eye on them!

Track list – Paid In Full:

1. Warrior Spirit
2. No Throne
3. Don’t Cross Me
4. Bad Company
5. Paid In Full

Cross Me: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Paid In Full

Written by Alex Tabankia

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