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The Groezrock 2014 Report: Day 2

Groezrock Festival 2014 was amazing as always. Check the bands we caught playing the second day in the below report. Enjoy!

Drug Church

Tim: After a reasonable night of sleep, the first band on my list was Drug Church. The band from Albany, NY put out a promising LP entitled Paul Walker through No Sleep Records last summer and expectations for this show were high. However, once arrived at the Impericon Stage 10 minutes before the show, hardly 25 people were waiting for the immense stage. At 13:35 sharp, front man Patrick Kindlon welcomed the crowd and the band started their set. As the program leaflet describes, “the band fully embraces its hardcore dudes-trying-to-play-altrock influences” from Seaweed, Quicksand, and Kerosene 454. Members of Touche Amore were enthusiastically air drumming on the side of the stage while the tent slowly filled up. Kindlon is an eccentric and almost theatrical front man who knows how to entertain the crowd. Drug Church delivered a sublime performance, with a, somewhat expected, guest performance of Touche Amore’s Jeremy Bolm. 


Tim: Doomriders was one of the bands I was much looking forward to this weekend. The Deathwish Inc. band, with Converge’s Nate Newton on vocals/guitar, put out a new album in October 2013 called Grand Blood; A released that had to be followed up with a live performance. By the time we arrived at the Impericon Stage the tent was decently packed and the band had started playing already. The sound on the far right side of the tent was horrible; you couldn’t disguise any of the guitars from each other. When we positioned ourselves before the front of house, we were finally able to enjoy the band in its full glory. They played a convincing show, however, after about 30 minutes it started to sound pretty repetitive. 

Touche Amore

Alex: When you’re about to witness one of your favorite band’s perform at one of the best festivals and you see that the musicians are smiling ear to ear even before the set has started, you know you’re about to have a good time. From start (‘Anyone/Anything’) to finish (‘Amends’), TA delivered one of the most passionate sets of the weekend. Multiple stage dives provoking a huge cloud of dust inside the Etnies tent, new songs and older ones perfectly executed ; the band completely justified their presence on this year’s line up. Simply brilliant.


Tim: New York hardcore band Cro-Mags took over the Etnies Stage after Touche Amore and made sure dust stayed in the air. Expectations were high after their killer surprise show in Antwerp last year and Cro-Mags didn’t disappoint. The tent was packed and people were enjoying the set to the fullest. A memorable show.

The Ghost Inside

Alex: Seeing the packed tent waiting for The Ghost Inside reminded me how Parkway Drive was warmly welcomed here a few years ago.  The Los Angeles band delivered a huge set, controlled from start to finish. The audience became wild on every breakdown and we witnessed multiple sing-alongs that convinces us these guys have definitely taken another dimension.  It’s clear that their sound is fit for large crowds and they should soon convert anyone witch such enthusiastic shows.

Modern Life Is War

Tim: Modern Life Is War was one of the bands that most people were craving to see this weekend. Even an older generation of hardcore kids hadn’t seen this band play live for over eight years, or hadn’t even seen them at all. When the show was about to start, the Etnies tent was packed to the max and the crowd was eagerly waiting for the band kick off their set. The first song was ‘The Outsiders (a.k.a.  Hell Is For Heroes Part 1’ and the crowd set off immediately and sang along with singer Jeffrey Eaton harmoniously. Stage dives, sing-alongs, and pile-ups were the standard throughout this legendary show, bringing together both the old and new generation of hardcore kids. This was definitely the most impressive and noteworthy show of Groezrock Festival 2014. 


Tim: Legendary straight edge band Judge, known for their militant lyrics, had more trouble in filling up the tent. It was clear that all the people up front were very eager to see Judge, but the tent wasn’t nearly as packed than with previous shows of Touche Amore and Cro-Mags. The band played a relatively good set nevertheless and probably caused the worst dust cloud in the tent this weekend. 

The Hives

Tim: Swedish punk rock band The Hives are known for their applauded live reputation. With high hopes, we headed to the Monster Main Stage to finally see them for the first time. They didn’t disappoint; better said, they ruled. From the first note till the last, seeing The Hives in concert is an experience of a lifetime. Charming, yet edgy, front man Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist forms a great team with guitarist Nicholaus Arson in keeping the crowd entertained and the band delivered a supreme performance. Seeing The Hives live includes singing along to hits like ‘Hate To Say I Told You So’, ‘Tick Tick Boom’ and ‘Go Right Ahead’, obey anything Almqvist tells the crowd to do, and laugh your head off to his comedian-like performance. This was definitely one of the non-hardcore highlights of the festival.

The Offspring

Tim: It was up to iconic punk rock band The Offspring to close this years festival. The band has been around for more than twenty years and still stays true to the mission they once set out for: playing loud, catchy punk rock. The Offspring played third studio album Smash, their breakout success album that sold over 20 million copies worldwide, in its entirty followe by hits such as ‘Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)’ and ‘Want You Bad’. It was an incredible performance with thousands of people singing along and having the time of their lives. 

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