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Album of the Month: Bane – Don’t Wait Up


Hardcore giants Bane have sadly decided to call it curtains. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, these guys have been a staple for quality hardcore music since their first album in 1998. Considered by many to be one of the birthplaces of hardcore punk, Boston has always had a reputation for churning out classic bands – Have Heart, Defeater and Converge to name a few. Bane is no exception. Fans have been waiting eight years for this record, but will it do Bane’s near on 20 year career justice? Thankfully, yes it will.

Opening track ‘Non-Negotiable’ kick-starts with pummeling toms and snares, accompanied by a monstrous riff and Aaron Bedard’s unorthodox but dominant vocals. ‘Calling Hours’ goes on to manifest a more melodic vibe. Some rousing guitar melodies make for a concrete intro, while the assortment of esteemed guest vocalist’s – Have Heart’s Pat Flynn, Rotting Out’s Walter Delgado, Terror’s David Wood and lastly Reba Meyers from Code Orange Kids, mixed with soaring riffs make this uplifting track a stand out moment on the record. Songs like ‘Park St.’ and ‘Lost at Sea’ heave aside the sentimental feel of ‘Calling Hours’ and switch it up for some harsh hardcore, reminiscent of the Give Blood days. Bane continue to venture down the melodic route with ‘Wrong Planet’ and the album’s closer ‘Final Backward Glance’. These songs begin to push the boundaries of Bane’s sound, but gladly, without losing their trademark malice.

Don’t Wait Up is yet another definitive hardcore record to come pouring out of Boston. It may – allegedly, mean the end for Bane, but at least they went out in style. With the help of Jay Maas’s – Defeater, undeniable skill behind the glass, Don’t Wait Up resonates with the nostalgia and emotion you would expect from a band that’s been around this long. Lyrics like “let’s get loud and go out with open fire” and “This is my final backward glance” embody the entire purpose of this album, making their passion for the music unquestionable, while showing a slight reluctance to see it end.

Don’t Wait Up is a fitting farewell for a band as influential and noteworthy as Bane, and I for one am sad to see them go.

Track list – Don’t Wait Up:

1. Non-Negotiable
2. All The Way Through
3. Calling Hours
4. Park St
5. What Awaits Us Now
6. Hard to Find
7. Lost at Sea
8. Post Hoc
9. Wrong Planet
10. Final Backward Glance

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