5 Bands You Can’t Miss at Incubate 2013


With Incubate festival only two weeks away, we decided to tip some of the more heavy, hardcore/punk oriented names of the festival. They all play the Sunday afternoon, September 22nd, which seems to be a good opportunity to check them (and this festival in general) out.


A band we at Legends Arising have adored for a long time. These young UK based guys produce a heavy mix of emotional hardcore and sludge, as dark as it gets. They already played an Incubated show earlier this year, now it’s time for the real deal.


One of the pioneering 80’s crust punk bands. Expect a whirwind of d-beats, politically loaded lyrics and bullet-fast drumming. It appears that Doom completely ripped the Roadburn festival apart last year, so you don’t want to miss these guys doing it all over again at the same venue.


Hessian plays an intense and gnarly form of metallic hardcore/metalcore. This Belgian band is attached to the Church of Ra (with the likes of Amenra and The Black Heart Rebellion), which pretty much means their live show will be good, very good.


Nothing or no one is as heavy, intense and hatefueled as Razoreater on Incubate this year. As the festival describe themselves: “Razoreater comes at you like a pack of rabid dog with intense growls; lots of aggression”.

King of Pigs

Old school hardcore punk in its purest form. These guys played in Jesus of Spazzareth once, which is equally crushing as King of Pigs. It’s probably for the best that you check these guys out.

Incubate takes place 16-22 September in and around Tilburg, The Netherlands. Besides the bands on this list, the likes of Jesu, 808 State, Mayhem, Built To Spill and a lot of other incredible artists will play the festival.

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