Aaron Gillespie has left Underoath

You might have read it on Twitter, on Myspace or on his blog, but Aaron Gillespie has left Underoath. For us in Europe, Easter ended quite sadly when we read the news around 4 pm last monday. At the end of their European Tour, they decided it was time to part ways. Underoath will remain a band, and like our previouw interview said: they’ll be recording the rest of their new album this summer. Aaron will continue playing The Almost and also play acoustic, as well as speak and do other musical/ ministry type things. Aaron’s statement: “Underoath and I have parted ways. Yes that is a true statement. There is no bad blood, there is no anger, I was in that band for eleven years, I love every person with my whole heart, I love the music we made together, the shows we played and the good times we had. People change, times change, and sometimes change just comes hunting for you.”

We’ll be looking forward to the new album more than ever, with a new drummer, different vocals and maybe a different sound. We want to wish Aaron all the best in the future and we’ll be looking forward to hear more about The Almost and his solo projects.

Source: http://www.aaronrgillespie.tumblr.com/

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