Alpha & Omega Sign With Bridge Nine Records

Alpha & Omega

Los Angeles’ Alpha & Omega were formed in 2007 by a group of friends who shared a mutual admiration of hardcore and metal such as the Cro Mags, Crowbar, All Out War, Stigmata, Integrity, Leeway and Metallica. In 2008, they released their debut EP, The Devil’s Bed, via 6131 Records, and later their full length Life Swallower. Since then, they have toured all over the world with acts such as Bane, Cro-Mags, Terror, Sick of it All, and many more.  Now, Alpha & Omega are excited to be releasing their sophomore record, due out in Summer 2013, with Bridge Nine Records.

Alpha & Omega vocalist Luis Hernandez, commented, “Right now A&O as a whole is at a great place. I feel like we’ve all grown a lot since Life Swallower. These new songs have the aggression from the Devils Bed seven inch and the hooks from Life Swallower.”  He continued, “Bridge Nine is a label that I’ve followed since I was a child. I’m very proud to say that we’re putting out a record with them.”  Guitarist Aaron Jamili said, “When we started Alpha & Omega, our intentions were to just jam and play locally for fun. To see what it’s become has been really fun. We are really siked to be working with Bridge Nine and to see what’s next.  We can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store.”

Alpha & Omega will begin pre-production for their yet-to-be-titled Bridge Nine debut this month.  The band is set to begin recording in March with Kyle Black (and Chad Gilbert of NFG producing). Stay tuned for more info.

Alpha & Omega: Facebook / Twitter

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