Review: Kids Insane – All Over

Kids Insane is an angry, very angry band, based in Tel Aviv (Israel). And that’s part of the appeal, because a band outside of Israel’s borders can’t write such heartfelt songs as these guys do. They just released All Over on Third Time Lucky Rekords.

When looking at Kids Insane’s debut album cover (posted up here), the band looks very fond of Black Flag. Yet their own sound is probably best described as melodic hardcore with a southern rock edge. Every Time I Die ‘light’ at some moments, with very catchy choruses and the occasional metalcore breakdown. One of the band’s most important influences clearly is living in Israel.

A song that sums up the band’s sound perfectly is ‘Same Shit, Different Scene’. It contains pretty much every element that makes up Kids Insane, with lyrics that seem to deal with non-acceptance in a certain community. The nicely animated accompanying video shows us that Kids Insane can throw in some humour too.

The most interesting aspect of this release however are the lyrics. As said earlier, most of the songs deal with the struggles of living in a country like Israel. “Cant see through this border, it all turns blank”, screams singer Corey Swift in ‘No Place Like Home’, a line that makes you wonder if living in Tel Aviv is any fun. ‘Don’t Need This’ is probably one of the most interesting songs on All Over, dealing with the difficulties of being a non-religious person in the ‘Holy City’, backed with a fierce, heavy sounding hardcore song.

Kids Insane will embark on their first ever European tour later this month. A good thing for a band that calls their own country ‘Israhell’. Try to catch them at one of those shows, because when listening to his record I can only imagine that you are in for a treat.

All Over can be ordered and streamed over at Kids Insane’s Bandcamp, listen to it below:

All Over – Track List:

  1. Love
  2. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
  3. No Place Like Home
  4. Don’t Need This
  5. Waste
  6. Story of a Lonely Street
  7. Fix It
  8. Same Shit, Different Scene
  9. Wrecking Ball
  10. Spread It All Over

Kids Insane: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Niels Koster

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