Interview: While She Sleeps

On their very first European tour, While She Sleeps played Holland on a very cold and snowy Wednesday evening. Since we love the record and their new video for ‘Crows’ we took some time to talk to the guys.

Hey guys! Is this your first time playing Holland? What are your thoughts?

Yeah! Belgium is the only European country we played at. Tomorrow will be the fourth time I think. Europe’s a lot more peaceful and chilled out. Back home there’s a lot more beef and trauma.

You guys have some pretty cool tours coming up. Can you tell me something about them?

We’re on this European tour now and then we have January off. We have some time then to start writing the new album. Then in February will be touring the UK with Sylosis and Bleed From Within on the Metal Hammer Razor Tour. We’re good friends with Bleed From Within so it’ll be a lot of fun touring with them.

As an European band, it almost seems impossible to tour worldwide and break into the scene. How do you guys try to achieve that?

Well we just signed to a Japanese label and a US label as well. So by putting our music out in different territories and tour there we try to get our name out and try and connect to fans.

You guys seems to have everything worked out online (slick myspace, an awesome video). How important do you think online promotion/marketing is?

Lotssss man! We like to look a good shit, so we obviously want others to enjoy looking at our stuff too. Besides that, we try to talk to everyone on all different platforms. We don’t want to be some sort of mystery group. We think that communication with the fans is one of the most important things to do if you want to get known by people.

Are you working on a new album?

Only writing. But we’ll probably bring out a new single in January.

What inspires you to write music? Is there a message you’re trying to get across?

We just wanna have fun and try and do this for a living. We write about stuff we think about . And we don’t want our music to sound like we sing about things we don’t know anything about. Our music reflects to our lives, on our opinions. We have nothing els but music. Kind of everything makes us want to to this. The place we come from (Sheffield) is gritted, like the lives we live: fast and not chilled out. There’s a no bullshit attitude that influences the way we write music and how we believe in what we do.

Can you recommend any upcoming bands?

Bury Tomorrow and Burn The Fleet.

Oke thanks guys! Have an awesome tour in Europe and hope to see you back here very soon!

All photos are taken from While She Sleeps’ Facebook.

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