Q&A: Our Last Night’s Matt Wentworth

The guys in Our Last Night just finished up their very first European tour, and Matt Wentworht, guitarist and vocalist, took some time to answer our questions.

Is touring the UK and Europe any different from touring the US?

For any band form the US it is completely different because you have none of your own gear and a completely different vehicle. I think if we just had our van and gear it would actually pretty much the same. The venues and promoters in Europe are a lot more accommodating than in the US, we slept at a lot of the venue in Europe which we loved. After the show we could just change into clean clothes and go to bed whenever we wanted and didn’t have to travel to a hotel or anything.

You’ve released your second full length ‘We Will All Evolve’. What’s the story behind the album?

There isn’t really one story behind the entire album, it isn’t a concept album or anything.

Did you take any expectations in account while writing the album, or did you just write what felt right?

DO you mean did we take into account the expectations of our fans? I think it always in the back of any bands mind while they are writing songs but we didn’t stress on it too much. We just wrote the songs we wanted to.

So would you say you’re progressive, or stick to your original roots?

I mean we like experimenting and trying new things, we don’t like to just keep writing the same song over and over again. So somewhere in the middle of being progressive and sticking to our roots I guess.

What’s your vision on online promotion through channels like Facebook and Twitter? A lot of bands are using it, so there’s a big information stream. How much do you use it and how effective do you think it is?

Online promotion is great, it’s an amazing way to keep all of your fans up to date with what you are doing with information on the band. I think we could definitely take advantage of it a little more, we use facebook and twitter but we could definitely utilize it better.

You’ve released one EP and two full length albums so far. What’s the next step in your career?

There is only one step to take really. Keep touring and start writing our new cd as soon as possible.

What motivates you to keep playing music in Our Last Night?

The biggest thing for me is our fans, we really do have amazing fans, if it wasn’t for them i wouldn’t be doing this.

Can you recommend any upcoming bands to our readers?
Our friends in Veara on Epitaph Records and Armor For The Broken who’s cd i just finished recording.

Thanks for answering our questions Matt! It was awesome to finally see you guys shredding it live in Europe!

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