Review: Birds In Row – You, Me & The Violence

You, Me, & The Violence by Birds In Row from Laval, France is an album I have been waiting for to hear for quite some time. I caught on the band when I heard their Cottbus EP, a great release. This is the band’s fourth effort and it has become a masterpiece. The band has only been active since 2010 with the release of their Rise of the Phoenix EP, but has already found a place in the hearts of many. You, Me & The Violence is released through Deathwish Records.

The album kicks off with a familiar banger of a track called ‘Pilori’. This track was released as a single, complete with a music video. The first time I heard it I was immediately intrigued by the deep, dark sound of it. Echoing guitars and a rumbling bass are accompanied by the steady, but almost elegant pace of drums, and lyrics so angry and full of rage.

I hoped with all my heart that the band would be able to hold on to the level of ‘Pilori’. I afraid that this record would be a one trick pony or that we would already have seen the best the band had to offer. My fears were ungrounded and my hopes were met with the second track of the album: ‘There Is Only One Chair In This Room’. This track has a crazy, fast build up in it that comes to a halt, blows you away, builds up again and does the impossible; the exact same thing, but even harder.

The title track, ‘You, Me & The Violence’ was well-chosen and proofs itself worthy as a giant among giants, a king among kings. The track kills as it is fast and rushes through the lyrics with the same pace as human beings rush through life. It is an ode to the smaller things in life and a moment to think about trying to fit into a place that is just not meant for everyone.

An interesting song on the album is ‘Cold War Everyday’. This track is all drum, bass and vocals accompanied by a vast amount of feedback. The track first had me thinking of a Beasty Boys song as it feels so hip hop influenced, because of the drum and bass. This song will do great as a live song as it has great sing-a-long potential to it.

The outro to this album is amazing. ‘Lovers Have Their Say’ is as beautiful as its title. Echoing guitars; echoing vocals as if sang in a huge empty hall; a deep, but clean bass; and steady percussion make this 12 minutes and 52 second the ideal end to a beautiful beast of a record.

Track list – You, Me & The Violence:

1. Pilori
2. There Is Only One Chair In This Room
3. Cages
4. Guillotine
5. Walter Freeman
6. Last Last Chance
7. You, Me & The Violence
8. Grey Hair
9. Cold War Everyday
10. Police & Thieves
11. Lovers Have Their Say

You can order Birds In Row’s You, Me & The Violence album in the Deathwish E-Store.

Birds In Row: Facebook / Web

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

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