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Review: Losin’ It – Danger Zone

Losin’ It is a hardcore band from Florida. The band consists of 5 guys by the names of Finny, Lennon, Erik, Jared and Kyle. They formed the band in early 2010 and released 2 demos that same year. 2 years later they have already been able to grab the attention in Europe. It is not surprising that it is now that they come with a new 5-track release.

Losin’ It’s Danger Zone album, 5 tracks of pure old school hardcore, influenced by bands such as Gorilla Biscuits and Outburst.

The new album opens in a traditional way with the title track ‘Danger Zone’, a hard and wild song, the way hardcore was once supposed to be like. From the start it gives listeners unknown to the band an idea of what this album is all about and that is, in my eyes, something unique. It is clear to me these guys know where they want to go with their sound and this track is a perfect example of that, it sets the tone for the entire album.

‘Fuck off’ is an angry track full of disapproval towards the youngsters of today. You can feel that the lyrics of this song hold great meaning to the band, because it has a very pure and natural feel to it. This is definitely a personal favourite.

You got to love that old school bass solo opening of ‘Glory Days’. The song starts, ends and has a serious groove going on throughout the entire song.

‘Check Your Head’ will be a great live success. The track has the exact right mix of aspects to it to make the crowds go wild: A sing-along, two-steps and the little down-tempo parts that make kids fly during shows.

‘Use it Or Lose It’, the last track of the album, a track that says: “We are Losin’ It, we are 5 who are having a great time making music, this is what we do and we are nowhere near stopping!”

Losin’ It – Danger Zone Tracklist:

1. Danger Zone
2. Fuck Off
3. Glory Days
4. Check Your Head
5. Use It Or Lose It

Losin’ It – Facebook // Bandcamp

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