Review: Liferuiner – Sons Of Straight Edge

After three years Toronto, Canada’s Liferuiner have finally returned with a new record. What a wonderful early Christmas gift. Sons Of Straight Edge has a whole new style and feel compared to older efforts No Saints (2007) and Taking Back the Night Life (2008). The band has matured and developed. The most noticeable differences are in the lyrics, now filled with passion and meaning, and not just raw anger. Jonny OC: “I’ve grown into the best version of myself and I think so has Liferuiner. We just wanted to play music we actually enjoyed as a opposed to music that was expected of us.”

The opener, ‘Intro’, is a banger. It starts off quite friendly, but turns heavy and in that way functions as a step for the second song, ‘Kids Wanna Rock’. This is a true Liferuiner song with heavy guitar work and brutal lyrics.

Next up is ‘Sons of Straight Edge’, the title track. ‘S.O.S.E.’ was the first song of the EP which was released accompanied by a music video back in June. This song together with the last song ‘1990’ breathe a new and somewhat experimental melodic sound of Liferuiner. Please take some time to read Jonny’s blog entry about the meaning of ‘1990’. These are the best two song off the record for me.

As a little extra the band recorded a cover of The Beatles’ song ‘Revolution’ (White Album, 1968). Perhaps a somewhat strange choice for a cover, but it worked out surprisingly well.

Sons of Straight Edge EP is up for free download on the band’s Facebook page. I’m are so happy that this band is back, better than ever. Go support this guys.

This review was written by our friend Laurens Kleine.

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