Live Review: Uit Je Plaat Fest 9 @ Cafe De Gloppe, 14 July 2013

I spent my sunny Sunday in a dark and small cafe in Leeuwarden to attend Uit Je Plaat Fest 9. When I walked in around 15:45 I watched the first band Chelsea Smile soundcheck. I assumed they would start playing a few minutes later; I assumed wrong. The fest was delayed and started a half hour later. The eating break was also cancelled and an extra band was cramped in to the line-up somewhere instead. So the 9th edition started off a bit rough… Chelsea Smile were the opener which meant they played for only a few people. However, their set was pretty tight and they played a sick Terror cover. Second band Pantah played a short and very tight set. Fast songs filled with energy. Keep an eye out for this new Dutch band.

Third band was supposed to be Outrage CC but another band played instead. In Circles played a intensive and great set. I’ve seen them before in Dordrecht, but unfortunately they were only able to play four songs then because they had a stand in drummer, the original drummer had to recover from a broken bone. This set totally made up for that and it was a shame that not a lot of people participated.

Age of Woe seemed a bit out of place on this fest but did the best they could anyway. Outrage CC finally started playing and was definitely worth the wait. It was the first band that got the mosh going and energy and aggression was all over the set. Forsaken was up next and I thought it would be hard to top the Outrage CC performance. Forsaken played the perfect mix between Hardcore and Thrash and performed a Leeway cover and used the ‘Ride The Lighting’ riff from Metallica as an interlude. The band got some heads banging and bodies moving. New Morality started strong with ‘No Morality’ and played fast and loud. I expected more crowd interaction from the vocalist and also thought the crowd would move more. What I expected from New Morality became reality during Cornered. All the kids just went insane and had fun in the mosh. The singer interacted a lot and made some jokes here and there. The set they played was well executed and well received and was the perfect ending to Uit Je Plaat Fest 9.

Written by Nigel
Photos by Remain & Sustain Photography

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