Review: Worker – Neurology

Opinions are divided whether hardcore has reached it’s climax or not; more kids go to shows than ever and bands pop out of the ground like daisies. This has led to the point that a lot of bands sound the same and write about the same topics. Although hardcore is, and should be, about playing your music hard and making sure your message gets heard, quite some people agree that it has gotten to an overkill of similarity. Worker goes beyond the average and proves that hardcore has not reached its climax yet, not even near.

Neurology, Worker’s second effort, deals with the personal story of Ryan Rado (singer/lyricist), who has suffered from mental disorders for the past 30 years of his life. A life, which has consisted of “appointments with neurologists, psychologists, and therapists, pharmaceuticals, side-effects, overreacting, anxiety, extreme hyper-awareness, and confusion,” led to the decision he made about seven months ago; no more drugs. An attempt to become king of his own life, no matter how rough the road will get.

This record gives an awfully honest opinion of a person who has dealt with Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and ADHD throughout his whole life. Depression. Isolation. Loneliness. The six tracks on Neurology give a very clear and sincere view on Ryan’s experiences and opinions. A vision that has also been captured on camera. Check out the visual presentation of Neurology below.

Six tracks. Six tracks that could be labeled as metallic hardcore. A bit of Touché Amoré, but also Hundredth and Odessa. The songs tell different stories that step into detail about Ryan’s opinion on pharmaceutical companies, his experiences suffering from different mental disorders and the way “Christians” deal with these disorders, some even believing these “lepers” are possessed by demons. Sit down, tune in on Worker’s website and take time to listen to this record and to read the lyrics or the songs and the touching stories behind them.

Neurology is available as a stream on Bandcamp and can be purchased as a digital download. A range of physical products can be found in the band’s online store and consisting out of t-shirts, six posters – one for every track on Neurology – and a download invitation envelope that contains the artwork based on the six posters. Support this band, and we hope this record inspires you as it has inspired us. Thank you for your honesty and sincerity Ryan.

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