Introducing: Problems

Singer Chris Medaas (also known from Death Is Not Glamorous) took some time to introduce his new band Problems.

PROBLEMS is a hardcore punk band from Oslo. Henrik from Evolve plays bass, Lars from Okkultokrati, White Juice, and my room mate plays drums, Espen from Death is not Glamorous and Common Cause plays guitar, and I am on vocal duties again. Espen and I wanted to do a band in the vein of other bands that we listen to maybe more than we listen to melodic punk (this changes day to day), and we knew that Lars would be down to play drums and is Oslo’s best drummer. Henrik is a great dude and is always down to do cool shit, so we decided to practice and write a couple songs. Later that year, we put out a 4 song demo tape, but even while we were preparing to release it, we had written more songs, and pretty soon we had enough for another tape, and more. This is the other tape, recorded in our practice space with Pål from Okkultokrati / Haust / White Juice. Some of these songs will be on an LP that will eventually see the light of day, along with a lot of new ones. We’ve only played a handful of shows thus far, and I think equipment has been damaged or broken and/or blood has been shed at every one of them. Hopefully this won’t change. Fast, pissed off hardcore in the vein of Negative Approach. You can’t be positive all the time.

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