It Prevails Drummer Abandons Band

The lads in It Prevails stated that drummer Aaron Marsh left the band while on tour. The positive minded and motivated guys, who just put out their record Stroma last month, had the following to say:

Last night our drummer decided to take a taxi from our show in Brooklyn to JFK airport. No notice, just talk about leaving soon because he got his girlfriend pregnant. We were left over 3000 miles from home and stranded after the show. Luckily we have a lot of friends in the industry by trial and error, but we just want to express that our drummer Aaron Marsh, our brother for 10+ years just turned his back on everyone he knew. The sad thing is we had 2 weeks until we got home and asked him to just ride it out. We have always survived and will continue to write music. Continue to play show after show. We will continue to be the people we are and the musicains we strive to be. Thanks dood.

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