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Album of the Month: Trapped Under Ice – Big Kiss Goodnight

Trapped Under Ice (TUI) the 5-piece hardcore band from Baltimore is back after leaving us for a big touring period with their 2009 Reaper Records release; Secrets of the World. In 2011 the band brings us their new album called; Big Kiss Goodnight, released by I Scream Records/Good Fight Music.

First thing that went through my mind while listening to ‘Born to Die’, the first track: “They still have it…” and at that point I already got excited to hear more. Going through the album I noticed more structure in the songs than I am used to with TUI’s older records, but other than that there was nothing missing from the band’s usual mix of success. The songs are fast, easy to follow, and above all; fun! You cannot listen to this record without imagining how this will sound live and how it will have the crowd going. With fast chorus’ and heavy breaks come stories of shady pasts and brighter futures, the choices in life, love and friendship, society, and the American dream. As I said before, the songs are easy to follow and show great sing-along potential.

Interesting songs on the Big Kiss Goodnight release are: ‘Born to Die’ which is a great opener for another great TUI album, ‘Victimized’ a song you know holds great meaning to the members of the band and is pure and simple, and ‘True Love’ which contains great lyrics about love and friendship, and is somewhat different from what we know TUI so well for.

Overall I would have to say that the band has improved their songwriting and have brought some variety to their songs such as great use of bass guitar during intros in certain songs. However, it’s still very much TUI; the energy, the words, and just the overall tone this great band sets for itself. Big Kiss Goodnight proves great for some wild hardcore nights out!

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