Asking Alexandria: What Happened In Seattle

After the incident in Seattle last week a lot of rumors were spread around. posted the story and there is also a video available where you can see Danny Worsnop’s behavior. Unlike we mentioned before, Danny didn’t hit anyone. Find the story below:

“A representative for Asking Alexandria has responded to Tuesday night’s incident in which vocalist Danny Worsnop was intoxicated and unable to finish the set. The band’s publicist told us, “Ultimately, rock ‘n’ roll is dangerous and exciting and just like the old days of Guns ‘N Roses and Mötley Crüe, sometimes things happen onstage. In this case, Asking Alexandria’s vocalist had a little too much to drink before the Seattle show. This was a one-time relapse as he has been sober this whole tour, but there are no interventions or anything going on. He realized the mistake he made and couldn’t feel worse about it.”

Worsnop was belligerent to the crowd and struggled to maintain composure throughout the set, prompting a chant of, “Drunk piece of shit” from those in attendance.

At one point, guitarist Ben Bruce took to the microphone and said, “Let’s do a vote right fuckin’ now. Who prefers Danny the way he is [now]? That’s like three people.” Worsnop began to interrupt, but Bruce said, “Ignore him. Who here will support us in putting my best friend through rehab and making him better?” As the crowd cheered, Bruce said, “Thank you so fuckin’ much. Fuck you, Danny. Ignore everything he says. Thank you for supporting us. Who here wants us to play another song—despite Danny?”

The band continued to perform, but the inebriated Worsnop continued staggering around the stage and eventually began singing while laying on his back before crew members took him offstage. The band then asked for a vocalist from the crowd to join them onstage.”

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4 thoughts on “Asking Alexandria: What Happened In Seattle

  1. Yes, this band has made mistakes… But nobody is perfect. Do I support his behavior? No, I don’t, but that doesn’t make me like this band any less. They have their bad moments, but just because they made a few mistakes, doesn’t makethe whole band and everything they have done worthless. Everyone has their opinions, and I respect that. My question is, why are you looking at anything Asking Alexandria if you hate them so much?

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